Really Peckham Market


Spatial Design, Furniture Design
空间设计, 家具设计

Year: 2023 Jun.
Type: Community Development, Commercial Space
Location: Peckham Level, London, UK

年份: 2023 六月
类型:社区发展, 商业空间
地点:Peckham Level, 英国伦敦

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Featured by UAL - Camberwell College of Arts (camberwellual) on Instagram
毕业作品‘Really Peckham Market‘被伦敦艺术大学坎伯韦尔艺术学院标记!!!

Market 市集

Intro ︎ 简介

Peckham main focus has always been on the reuse of buildings in Central Rye Lane, rather than demolition and reconstruction. Peckham Level is one of the buildings in those re-used projects.

再利用位于中央黑麦巷(Central Rye Lane)的建筑一直是佩克汉(Peckham)一个特别关注点:减少建筑的拆除和重建而是将空间进行改造二次利用。Peckham Level是被再利用的建筑之一。

Entrance 入口

Peckham is an area that focuses on local development and advocacy. They have lots of good development in creative, cultural and gastronomic business and arts incubator. In order to encourage people to visit and learn about the area, my space will be designed as a multifunctional space, which includes the market space, dining space and art/event space. This will be able to attract more visitors with different interests, building contacts and creating opportunities for local communities.

佩克汉姆(Peckham)是一个注重既当地发展也关注旧社区维护的地区。他们在创意文化、美食商业和艺术孵化等方面有很多就优秀的创举,吸引不少人参观和了解这个拥有多元文化的优秀地区。超佩克汉市集(Really Peckham Market)被设计成一个多功能空间。内部涵盖市场空间,餐饮空间和艺术及活动空间。为不同兴趣的游客提供休闲休闲娱乐场所,同时与社区建立联系,为当地社区文化的宣传以及保护带来帮助。

Information Desk 咨询台

The wood material is used the most since the ventilation of the space is weak. The wood is protective and less harmful to the environment. Its usage of timber meets the requirement for the space to last for 10 years.


Checkout 收银台

Market ︎ 市集

In the market area, green and fresh products will be sold at reasonable prices. Let health is no longer expensive.


Market 常规市集

The main feature of the market is that local vendors are periodically invited to display and sell their seasonal products. People can buy handmade food and the most up-to-date produce.


Temporary Market of Different Topic 不同主题的临时市集

Dining ︎ 餐饮

Special menus will be offered and people will be encouraged to source from local markets or in our Market Space. Experience the local market culture through the process of purchasing ingredients. In the Dining Area in the market, people's ingredients will be processed into a special meal.


Open Kitchen | Dining Space 开放厨房|餐厅空间

The seats and platforms in the cafe are made from wooden pallets which are collected and recycled from the Peckham area. This helps the building materials not be wasted and reduce the spending.


Cafe 咖啡厅

Art ︎ 艺术

The Peckham area is creative, cultural and gastronomic. There are a large number of music, performance, and artistic events taking place every season. It is also renowned as an artistic and creative community in London which has lots of workshops, open studios and art exhibitions


Art Space 艺术空间

The space showcases the work of Peckham's local artists, offering them the opportunity to exhibit and sell their art. It also provides people with an opportunity to learn about local art. This may help the local development and protection of culture.


︎ Xiting Huang 2023