Building Story
More Than A Block

Furniture Design for Really Peckham Market

Year: 2023 Jun.
Type: Modular Furniture
Material: Hardwood Plywood
Location: Peckham Level, London, UK

年份: 2023 六月
地点:Peckham Level, 英国伦敦

- Achievement -


The design was located in Peckham Level. The area also prefers to reuse buildings in Central Rye Lane than demolition and reconstruction. So in my design, I was more focused to think of how to make changes inside. And also uses modular furniture that can be changed for different uses and move easily. Furniture will be used in the space. And considering the possibility that Peckham Level would be closed after 10 years, items of furniture will be able to be reused or recycled.

不只是块块(More Than A Block)是超佩克汉市集(Really Peckham Market)空间设计中的一部分。再利用位于中央黑麦巷(Central Rye Lane)的建筑一直是佩克汉(Peckham)地区一个特别关注点:减少建筑的拆除和重建而是将空间进行改造二次利用。考量到建筑的使用年限,在设计中思考如何在内部做出改变,于是决定使用模块化家具。家具可以因为需求改变成为不同的形态,并且很容易拆卸拼装,使家具被用于多种用途以及方便移动。为Peckham Level在十年后关闭时家具还能够被重复使用或回收。

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Picking from Shelf & Hanging  从货架选择产品

Wood ︎ 木材

Although the space was renovated, the problem when it was once parking like ventilation and lighting is still alive. Plywood does not have harmful glues that have adverse effects on the environment. At the same time, it is renewable, recyclable and eco-friendly. Considering the site will only last for about 10 years. The things inside may need to transport or recycling. The lightness of plywood compared to solid wood, makes it the material of choice for creating designs.


All Kinds of Boards 板子组件全类种

There are only three basic types of boards which can be combined into two forms of modules. With the addition of tops, it can be transformed into a table or stool.


All Kinds of Boards - Single  板子组件全类种 - 单件

Addition Boards 1: Table Board

Side Holes: for desktop support installation
Board: used as tops: dining table, shelve top…

Table Boards 桌板

Addition Boards 2: Joint & Top
额外板材2: 连接板&顶板

Concave: Connection
Board: used as tops: stool surface, shelve top…

Connection/Surface Board 连接板/顶部层板

Wood Workshop Process
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Application of Wood Parts 木部件运用

Iron ︎ 铁

The irons can be flexibly removed and assembled into reserved holes without glue and nails‘ help.


Iron Part Display 铁质部分展示

Iron Bar 1
铁杆 1

Table support for display

Iron Bar - Table - Support Frame 桌子支撑架

Iron Bar 2
铁杆 2


Iron Bar - Hanging 晾挂用

Iron Workshop Process
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Process 过程

Blocks ︎ 块块设计

The block has two forms and can be combined freely.


Basic Block Display  基础块块展示

The two kinds of blocks are both built with four boards and connected by nails. This way of installation is convenient and fast which also provides convenience for manufacturing, handling and moving.


All Kinds of Basic Block 基础块块全类种

Block A has better permeability and is mainly used as joints and shelves.

方块 A 拥有更好的通透性,主要作为上下连接处以及架子使用。

Basic Block A  基础块块A

Block B allows more variety. With other blocks to form shelves; With boards to become a chair or table.

方块 B 则能更多样化使用。连接其他块块成为货架;连接板子成为椅子或桌子。

Basic Block B  基础块块B

Installation Process
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Build Furnitures  家具搭建

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