Playground Dye Garden


Cooperator: Jiayu Zhang (Designer & Builder, Sketchup Drawings, Filming & Shooting)
合作者:张佳雨(设计师, 搭建者, Sketchup建模师兼摄影摄像师)

Role: Designer & Builder, Process and Concept Drawing, Art Director of Film & Photograph
角色:设计师, 搭建者, 概念及流程图绘制, 拍摄者兼视频图片艺术指导
(The photos, sketches and drawings in this article are from Xiting Huang - except for the ‘Building’ Parts)
(文中出现照片及图稿皆出自黄晞婷本人, 《搭建》部分除外)

Period: 2022 Jun.
Type: Community Garden
Material: Wood
Location: Spring Community Hub Playground, UK

时间: 2022 六月
地点:春季社区中心广场 , 英国伦敦

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Planters in Garden 种植台在花园

Intro ︎ 简介

As part of a larger programme for green spaces, UAL planned to open a dye garden in September 2022 in the ‘Playground Garden’ adjacent to the building on Wilson Road. The dye garden will be a space for students and staff from across all years and courses to come together to garden, make dye and more. In order to achieve the goal of a long-term, sustainable, flourishing. The garden design and the making of the planters are innovative, fun design ideas on how with a small budget and some hand tools can create something special.

UAL计划于2022年9月在威尔逊路(Wilson Road)校区的春季社区中心广场 (Spring Community Hub Playground)开设一个染料花园。染料花园的设计要求在小预算的条件下,运用简易的工具以及有限的材料,为学校学生和员工打造一个以扎染为主题的空间。同时作为绿色空间项目的一部分,空间以可持续发展的理念运作。

Idea Development ︎ 构思设想

The planters are designed with different height levels to enable people of different heights and access requirements to the garden. The design of the planters incorporates planting, storage space, and additional functions (dye-making exhibited, portable tables, and a rainwater recycling system).


Proposed Playground Dye Garden: Design & Activities 功能与设计

There is a list of materials given before the build stage that is available for construction. The basic dimensions requirement for planters is W1200 x D450 x H450 (mm). I am the one in charge of measurements and construction way during the design process and my partner focuses on the Rhino model. I was thinking of an easy way like IKEA style to build with wood-treated timber. It will allow people to build with simple tools.

主办方在材料的选择以及现场工具的配置有着明确的规范以及预算限制。同时种植台的大小要求大约为W1200mm x D450mm x H450mm。作为主要负责数据以及施工流程的人,我选择用宜家安装图示风格绘制出一个流程图,让施工者和志愿者能简单易懂的了解拼装方法并使用现场拥有的简易工具进行搭建。

Building Process 搭建方法

Building Process 搭建方法

Playground Dye Garden ︎ 染料花园

Planters 种植台

Planters 种植台

Moving Planter 移动种植台

Planting in Garden 放置盆栽

Storage Space 收纳空间

Video ︎ 视频


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