A Journey of Cat & Little Stone


Role: Sound Designer, Director
(The sound, photos and drawings in this article are from Xiting Huang)

Period: 2023 Dec
Type: Sonic Interventions
Media: Sound Map
Location: Stour Road Bridge (Fish Island area), London, UK

时间: 2023 十二月
地点:鱼岛地区, 英国

Main 'Character'
Cat - 🐈      Little Stone - ︎

All the sounds are your clues.

The Story
The Background Noise
The Ambient Sound at the end of each audio

EXPLORE the area

Cat and Little Stone On the Stour Road Bridge (H16)


Follow the steps of Cat 🐈 & Little Stone︎ to explore the area of Fish Island. By ‘walking’ in the routes, you will have a choice to get ideas of what is happening in the area; knowing some stories of historical buildings which used to be Victorian Warehouse. By exploring those stories, you will get clues from different things. Finally, piece them together through clues you will notice that they are related to STOUR ROAD BRIDGE (H16).

There are three routes. you can listen to the audio in different locations to find out what’s happening there. Don’t forget all the stories are for you to understand the relationships between those elements and Stour Road Bridge (H16). But you can follow the guide or explore as you want to get the full picture.

A Journey of CAT & STONE A

Sound Map - Voice Map

By helping the Little Stone ︎ find her way home, you will discover three bridges and the area of Fish Island. Get clues of why they built the Stour Road Bridge (H16).

Cat and Little Stone talking happily near the river

A Journey of CAT & STONE B

Sound Map - Voice Map

With the Cat’s 🐈 help, you will have the choice to discover the existing building of the Victorian Warehouse. Find out what they are for.

Cat, Little Stone and Warehouse

A Journey of CAT & STONE C

Sound Map - Voice Map

By listening to the stories from ‘locals’ (Mr Swan 🦢) to discover the predecessor of Stour Road Bridge (H16). 

Cat and Little Stone collecting pieces of memory to know the history

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︎ Xiting Huang 2023